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Experience and Commitment to help YOU accomplish your Goals!


To be a successful advocate, you must know your organization.  I can help you KNOW you.  


Strategic Planning and Advising

  • Identify the goals of your organization

  • Identify the goals of your initiative and its relationship to your organizational goals

  • Work with the client to solve problems before they occur

  • Help to develop a legislative/administrative strategy to accomplish the mission

  • Education to accomplish the mission and achieve your goals


It’s All about Relationships

  • Build relationships with the key developers, makers and those implementing policy

  • Know your legislative sponsors, personally – at home and in the Capitol

  • Know your enemies as well as your friends – know both the opponents and proponents of your initiatives

Strength in Numbers

  • Know other organizations with a special interest in issues similar to yours

  • Build coalitions to support an issue or agenda by fostering community contacts

YOU Know Yourself Better than Anyone Else

  • Advise clients of the best means to participate in governmental processes and procedures


Assist Clients in their response to state laws, rules and regulations to achieve favorable outcomes.

Administrative Law

  • Specialize in reading and applying laws, rules and regulations


  • Familiar with states' ethics requirements concerning campaign finance reporting


  • Able to read and understand state lobbying requirements, explain them in plain language to clients and provide compliance advice

Regulatory Compliance

  • In-depth understanding of environmental rules and regulations at both the state and national levels of government

501(c) Organizations

  • Knowledge and understanding of the differing capabilities among 501 (c) organizations, particularly with regard to involvement in the political process

  • Knowledge of compliance with IRS regulations

Registration to Conduct Business

  • In-depth understanding of requirements to conduct business among the 50 states

  • Ability to advise clients of compliance requirements


Cannabis Law

  • Extensive comprehension of the laws surrounding both medical and adult use

Legislative Monitoring and Reporting

  • Actions surrounding the initiative petition processes and requirements

  • Actions impacting the regulation of cannabis

Provide Clients' entre to government in action.
Implementing Enacted Laws
  • Responsibility falls to the executive branch
  •  Failure to recognize the importance of state agencies in the process can lead to unintended, and undesirable, consequences
  • Your organization's successful operation depends on how agencies choose to implement
Relationship Building
  • Provide established relationships, and maintain regular contact, with state agency leadership and program staff
  • Arrange for meetings with state agency staff who will help you solve your problem
  • Represent you to agency staff and work in your interest
Client Communication
  • Help you identify the state agencies with the potential to impact your operations
  • Update you on the most recent agendas and actions of state government agencies
  • Inform you of administrative processes that affect your organization
  • Help you plan a responsive course of action
The Regulatory Arena
  • Attend meetings of regulatory commissions whose decisions have potential to impact our clients and prepare reports regarding discussions and action items


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