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My Philosophy

         Founder and Principal

Areas of Expertise

Legal Counsel; Public Administration; Organizational Management; Strategic Planning; Financial Planning & Analysis; Budget Management; Team Leadership; Policy Research & Analysis; Public Affairs; Government Relations; Advocacy


Regular, substantive COMMUNICATION with clients is a top priority!

I operate a small, hard-working firm based in Jefferson City, Missouri, and have the experience and commitment to help you get what you need to do.  I hit the ground running with a direct approach to help my clients successfully navigate the detailed nuances of state government, in nearly all 50 states. Whether your issue is in the hands of the legislative or executive branch of government, I can help you meet your needs.  

  • In-depth knowledge of non-profit, administrative, ethics compliance and cannabis law. 

  • Senior-level executive with more than 30 years of achievement leading organizations to optimal performance, efficiency, and effectiveness.

  • Record of advancing organizational interests through legal & policy research and analysis, legal counsel, advocacy, and targeted communications.

  • History of engaging legislators, public officials, and both internal and external stakeholders in support of organizational goals.

  • Unique ability to balance an organization’s vision with bottom-line business decisions to enable successful pursuit of strategic initiatives.

  • Tested leade representing corporate, governmental and nonprofit interests to diverse audiences.

  • Logical thinker, focused on legal obligations. 

Hirner Law Associates

DK Hirner

573-616-2047  217-414-8138 (cell) /

Give me a call, or drop me an email!

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